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M6 diam. secure nut and bolt protection cap Skiffy - WHITE


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Exterior diameter : 25 mm. | Total height when completely assembled : 12 mm.

WHAT IS IT FOR : to protect yourself and especially children (in playgrounds) from wounds caused by rusty bolt heads. It also protects the fasteners from humidity, corrosion, oxidization and weather; it can be dismantled if necessary. This cap is almost impenetrable unless you have the right tools. Be a perfectionist and give your surroundings an aesthetic and professional finish !

CHOICE, RANGE : this family of protective “Skiffy” nut caps, is available in WHITE, BLUE or RED plastic (polypropylene). We also provide them in YELLOW, GREEN and BLACK. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have a special request.

The plastic bolt head protection caps are also available for M8 (8 mm), M10 (10 mm) and M12 (12 mm) fasteners.

This WHITE plastic protective nut cap perfectly adapts to 6 mm bolts, i.e. M6 metric screw thread.

USAGE : Efficient and easy to use : once the fastener sits firmly on the base, insert the cap onto the base. It cannot be dismantled without the use of tools.

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M6 diam. secure nut and bolt protection cap Skiffy - WHITE

WARNING : carefully clean and dry the surface of the screw before fixing the plastic cap. A tiny amount of grease can protect against rust and prolong the life of the metal fastener.

Once the cap is firmly placed onto the base, the fastener becomes untouchable. You’ll have to damage the protective cap to expose the screw/bolt head. The plastic screw/bolt cap is specially designed to create a safe environment for children.

MORE IN DETAIL : this product is made from WHITE plastic ; it consists of a base and a protective cap.

Made for 6 mm, M6 screw/bolt heads.

This high-quality plastic cap conceals unsightly screw heads and is available in various colours. It is most often found in outdoor play-areas and in schools.

They are also used as bumpers (doors, windows, cabinets) or as decorative furniture feet.

Its uses are numerous : railings, veranda, machines, tools, fasteners found on exterior walls, kitchen furniture, shelves, sailing, caravans, trailers, cars, construction and many, many more.

ADVANTAGES : fine, aesthetic finish. Apart from its decorative characteristics, this plastic cap for screw / bolt heads prevents wounds cause by sharp rusty edges.

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