Who's Ajile ?

Do you remember the local hardware store right round the corner?

You know, the one where you could buy the exact amount of screws, nuts, bolts you wished for?

Do you remember there used to be a man in a grey blouse behind the counter?

That guy, that knew exactly where to find these three 40 mm screws you’re looking for, in the multitude of drawers and cupboards? These screws were waiting for you all along.

Things don’t seem to be the same anymore. Well, we’re not sure about that !

At @jile, we’ve decided to make things easy again. The shopkeeper is now a technician. His store is the web.

Please, come in!

We buy in bulk, directly from the producers in the Rhone-Alps in France as well as in Germany.

We stock them at home, in our new and improved hardware store 2.0 in Schiltigheim, Alsace.

Whatever your needs, whether it be 8 tube inserts or 132 screws, we package it for you, bring it to the post office and send it directly to your doorstep, be it in Bordeaux, Madrid or Hong Kong.

Pretty efficient, isn’t it? It’s just @jile.